Tips and Techniques to Find Out Hidden Assets of Your Partner

Unreported income and hidden assets are often left out or a common mistake during divorce settlement. It is not uncommon to hide assets for a spouse, especially when the divorce has been planned for a quite a while. Therefore, asset verification agency Delhi is required to hire which is all about conducting an asset investigation broadly to ensure that all properties have been discovered and you get what you deserve. A private detective agency is hired to assist divorce attorneys, divorce mediators, and the divorcing couples in verifying or locating hidden entities.
There are numerous ways to find out the hidden property. Only expert private investigation firm in Delhi can perform the task. There are times when properties might be hidden. The most common types of assets that may be un-disclosed by your partner are cash, mutual funds, bonds, stock, jewellery, hobby equipment, lands and vehicles.

Some of the Best Techniques to Reveal Hidden Treasures

1. Income Tax Returns

It should be considered as the first priority to look for possible clues. The return provides the roadmap to find out the earning. It also helps to identify the source of income whether it comes from dividends, interest, rental income and loss or gain from the sale of a stocks. It is possible to know through which sources interest and dividends are coming from. Tax-free bonds, real estate and property tax and property used to earn income are helpful to know about undisclosed properties.

2. Verifying All Account Statements & Cancelled Cheques

During asset verification investigation, the cancelled cheques and to whom it is paid should be verified. The investigation helps to reveal the purchase of an investment. The account statements are also verified carefully to know the last and recent transaction details.

·       3. Scrutiny of Lifestyle
Your hired asset verification agency should try to find out the lifestyle of your partner which can involve multiple things. What types of clothes being purchased? What type of car your partner has? Is there any difference between the reported income and the lifestyle? After conducting about the lifestyle, hidden assets can be easily identified to a great extent.

·      4. Credit Card Investigation
It’s always good to know how many credit cards your partner has possessed? How does he/she use these cards? The credit history and shopping history should be taken care of.

·       5. Public Record Checks
Public records can be accessed easily from the courthouses and police stations. Such records hold valuable information. So, the investigation team makes sure to leave no stone unturned to find out any hidden asset of your spouse from the public record.

Private investigators from a renowned private detective services in Delhi will not only help you locating the property you might unaware of your partner, but will also help you get the records of various details which are helpful in asset settlement during legal proceedings. The investigation team helps locate a every single item under your spouse’s name like business, accounts, real estate and vehicles. You can claim to get equal right on them if you have proper proof of these properties. Therefore, a private investigation team is will provide real-time services where you come to know about the property of your partner without any delay. All necessary documents are collected to make your case strong. Your partner can be left with no option to hide the claimed property.

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