How Private Detective Agency can help you in Asset Verification?

Divorce itself is a bad state but matters can go worst when one spouse is seemingly withholding assets or not ready to disclose his/her assets. Unfortunately, the act of hiding assets in divorce cases is on rise these days. Even if there is a remote chance of hiding property by your partner, consult a reputed private detective agency Delhi.

When a pair divorces they often go through the process of dividing up the property like cars, money and even the debts. The property is generally divided equally between the spouses, but the separate property is not divided. Separate property is that property which is acquired before the marriage. Non-marital goods are not divided. It is the asset acquired by a spouse as an inheritance. But an inheritance can be marital property if it is supporting the marriage like a rental property from which the couple is paying off their expenses. So, during divorce, you will have to confirm whether your partner is hiding assets from you or the following property can be divided.

Role of Private Investigators in Locating Your Assets

Matrimonial detectives in Delhi can help you locate the assets you might unaware of your spouse. It helps you get the records with details which are helpful in asset settlement during legal proceedings. The asset verification agency delhi will help you locate a great number of items under your spouse’s name like business, accounts, real estate and vehicles. You can claim to get equal right on them if you have proper proof of these properties. Therefore, a private investigation team is appointed. They provide real time service where you come to know about the property of your partner without getting delay. All necessary documents are collected to make your case strong. Your partner can be left with no option to hide the claimed property.

How to Locate Best Asset Verification Detective Agency?

It is all about getting best private investigation agency get hired to get evidence to make your case strong. You can take help of your friends or closer ones to hire an asset verification agency or can go for self-search. Choose the internet to locate such service providers in your country or state or city. Synchronize your search by writing the right search terms like asset verification in India. You can easily find out many active private investigators of your city. Among them shortlist the one that is rated by customers and have years of experience in the same field. The secondary thing to notice is the service packages they are offering. The best way to choose is by meeting them personally and discussing your case and ask for a free advice. Talk to the agency about what you want so that the service can be tailored accordingly.

Trident Investigations Network, a renowned name and considered as best detective agencyin Delhi offer various services related to Asset Verification for banks, corporate/companies and also for personal cases. Known for expert team members with vast experience and training helps in finding out all the movable and immovable assets of an individual or a company. This helps our clients to recover their dues and help in court cases.

Also in personal cases, asset verification has played a major role for people for their divorce settlement, maintenance settlement, due diligence & credit worthiness Delhi and various other court proceedings. Even in case of premarital investigation people opt for the service of asset verification to know the financial status of the individual and his/her family.

Our company do this in the given time limit and get the proofs also (if possible). This includes finding out property records, bank accounts, company records, vehicle ownership and other sources of income as well.

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