Difference between Profiling and Company Background Verification?

In current scenario, more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies go through a formal policy of screening the backgrounds of their employees as well as their outsourced staff. Delivering reliable, instant company background screening services for companies is the need of the hour.

The decision to hire a candidate for any company involves a lot of brainstorming. Screening one for the desired skills and experience is half the game! Hiring suitable employees involves behavioral assessments, logical and psychological tests and much more. This process of evaluating a candidate’s persona can be defined as ‘profiling’. The process of profiling helps to find out the skills, strengths, core areas and motivations related to an individual.

However, quite often, profiling is misinterpreted as verification. Company Background verification also involves assessment of an individual’s identity, profile, and reputation. This is done via authentication of employment details, education credentials, criminal records, address and much more. However, verification process is very much different from Profiling.

On the basis of results of profiling, one can decide how the candidate will perform in future. It is a probabilistic model where future behavior of an individual can be predicted.

What is Company Background Verification?
Company background verification is considered as a time-based model where the individual’s past work history is screened and using material evidences and facts, the truth is found out. Yes, background screening is a reflection of the future behavior of a candidate. However, it is projected only on the basis of the reality from the past.

Before an organization starts investing for the development of an individual it is important for every organization to find out about the candidate’s intelligence and caliber. There are many Company Background Verification Detective in the existing market, who help hiring companies in scrutinizing the candidate profiling and finding out the perfect fit for the company. Such type of verifications verifies the accuracy of an applicant’s claim. Every renowned company nowadays wants to candidates with clean history. 

Some of the important aspects of an individual which will be covered are:

  • Identity Check
  • Education Check
  • Criminal Records if any
  • Address Verification
  • Past Employment Check
  • Reference Check
  • Qualification Check
  • Credit History
In the journey from finding a candidate with the right skillset and training in the company, as a preventive measure, an employer should run a first level check with the help of Company Background Verification Detective in Delhi to determine the candidate’s capability, competence and reputation to be the right fit for the role offered. This is where company background verification comes into picture.

Profiling aids an altogether different purpose here by showcasing the candidate’s aptitude to learn and grow. Background Verification indicates if basic requirements are met and if the candidate can fit the bill or not. 

For conducting verifications, one needs to get all details related to a candidate and hire a Private Detective Services in Delhi to get complete results, while ensuring the process is fast (to retain the candidate) and compliant (to ensure secure workplace).

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